An Investigation of Multiracial Adults' Attitudes Towards Interracial Marriage




Prince, Hayden A.

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Given the rise in interracial marriages as well as the rise of the Two or More Races population (Morin 2015; Colby and Ortman 2015), social scientists are struggling to explore new means and theoretical frameworks for how these trends will impact the American society. Recognizing the unique perspectives, identities, and racialized experiences of multiracials has heightened fascination about how this population will impact broader race relations in the United States. This thesis explores the impact that racial identity, primarily a multiracial identity, has on the opinions of interracial marriage; first by comparing a Two or More Races group between five separate race groups, then again comparing racialized attitudes between a monoracial group and multiracial group. By positioning multiraciality in the center of the analysis, this study contributes sociological and demographic research in the emerging field of critical mixed race studies. Using Pew Research Center’s public data from their Survey of Multiracial Adults, the findings suggest that people of Two or More Races hold opinions regarding the impact of interracial marriage is more like other people of color rather than white people. Further, the study finds that multiracial people are no more positive about the impact of interracial marriage than the average American—a sentiment that challenges the stereotype that multiracials are the panacea to a racially harmonious future.



marriage, multiracial, racial formation


Prince, H. (2020). An investigation of multiracial adults' attitudes towards interracial marriage</i> (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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