Understanding How Texas State University Undergraduate Students Experience and Manage Stress: A Qualitative Study




Roberts, Taylor

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Stress is experienced by most individuals and throughout many different stages of life. Although stress can have positive and negative effects on individuals, the negative effects are more commonly studied with the intent of finding the best stress management techniques. Past research has shown that negative effects of stress on undergraduate students can have a significant impact in their college experience and success. However, the majority of this past research is conducted using survey methods and therefore lacks an in depth understanding of how individual students are experiencing and managing their stress throughout college. My research aims to fill in this gap with in-depth, first person accounts from students concerning their biggest stressors, stress management techniques, and knowledge of programs and resources offered through Texas State University. My research methods include interviews and a focus group with both male and female undergraduate students ages 18-23. Findings from this study will provide additional information to Texas State University administration about the stress that their students are experiencing and the extent to which campus resources are effective in helping students manage stress.



Texas State University, Stress management, College students, Stress in youth


Roberts, T. (2018). Understanding how Texas State University undergraduate students experience and manage stress: A qualitative study</i> (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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