Women Pilots and Combat: Attitudes of Male and Female Pilots




Curry, Landon
Nichols, Janet
Shields, Patricia M.

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Minerva Center, Inc.


Esprit-de-corp, cohesion, and discipline are values that unite the fabric of effective combat units. Successful integration of women in to this role rests in part upon their acceptance by male combatatants [sic] Much of the literature on women in combat discusses combat as hand to hand armed struggle. Pup tents, mud, fox holes, blood and guts are common combat images…It would be helpful to address some unanswered questions if women pilots are to become combatants. For example, are women pilots ready to fly combat missions and aircraft? Male pilot acceptance of women as fighter pilots is important if women are to become members and leaders of effective fighter squadrons. What are the attitudes of male pilots toward women aviators as combatants? How do the attitudes of male and female pilots compare on this issue? These questions will be address in this study.



women pilots, women in military, women in combat, Political Science


Shields, P. M., Curry, L., & Nichols, J. (1990). Women pilots in combat: attitudes of male and female pilots. Minerva Quarterly Report on Women and the Military, 8(2), pp. 21-35.


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