Correlation of Radio Wave with Photometric Light for Representation of Radio Loss using Transparent Film and its Implementation using MATLAB




Yadav, Ashutosh

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The demand for wireless communication has significantly grown in recent years. The number of communicating devices is increasing with the development of new RF circuits design and integrated circuits which makes it possible to reach new innovations in wireless technologies. A growing demand by the users makes it difficult for proper planning of radio communication processes in indoor environmental conditions. In inbuilding communication, coverage regions are reduced by frequency, multipath, diffraction, scattering, reflection and shadow fading. Indoor systems require large numbers of base stations depending upon the diverse arrangement which inevitably increases the level of interference from the neighboring cell. Also, the planning system requires building vector data, propagation model parameters, obstacle information, and antenna models which makes planning and optimization of an indoor system an extremely complex and tedious process. To account all these problems, a proper and simple propagation model is needed to predict the accurate path loss between the transmitter and receiver in different indoor conditions. This purpose can be achieved by implementing the propagation model in real-world situations using Augmented Reality (AR). AR has been in use for many years in applications like smartphones, video games, Military, Navigation and so on. This thesis explores on developing a semi-deterministic propagation model and a way to implement this model using AR. The research focuses on evolving a propagation model that is centered on the perception of the radio wave by the human eye. The behavior of the human eye with visible light is understood and accordingly, the investigated behavior is correlated with the radio wave. The correlation helps to envision radio wave by human eye as a light wave. AR facilitates visualization of an indoor surrounding with radio wave with its coverage distinguished by different transparent films to visualize the coverage of different antennas. The result of this association provides a new technique of designing propagation channels in an indoor wireless environment using free space loss and wall loss. The investigation of this research helps to change the way people interact with the radio wave environment in their daily lives with the detailed and simplified planning process.



Photometric light, Luminance, Friis equation, Transparent film


Yadav, A. (2018). Correlation of radio wave with photometric light for representation of radio loss using transparent film and its implementation using MATLAB</i> (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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