Does Social Support Moderate the Effects of Strain on Delinquency More for Females than Males?




Richards, Addison Chanel

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Despite more than a century of studies, males have been the focus of theory and research about delinquency until relatively recently (e.g., Box, 1983; Broidy & Agnew, 1997; Canter, 1982; Dale & Chesney-Lind, 1988; Morris, 1987). However, the correlates of delinquency may differ for males and females. This thesis tests predictions from Agnew’s (1992) general strain theory (GST), involving gender and social support. Because males and females are likely to experience the same types of strains (e.g., Kaufman, 2009; Piquero & Sealock, 2006), the research examines the extent to which social support is a moderator of the effects of strain on delinquency among females, as compared with males. The first wave of the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescence to Adult Health (Add Health, 1994-2018) is used in this study. Results provide support for GST but suggest there are no gender differences in types of strain experienced. Furthermore, there is no evidence that social support moderates the effect of strain on delinquency for either gender.



sociology, criminology, penology


Richards, A. C. (2023). Does social support moderate the effects of strain on delinquency more for females than males? (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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