Creando Maestros Científicos: Preparing Pre-Service Teachers to Teach Emergent Bi/Multilingual Students Science




Wakefield, Anna H.

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Bilingual education takes many forms, but all forms are created to address the educational needs of emergent bi/multilingual students. These are students of all backgrounds, races, and ethnicities who are learning a new language in addition to academic content. Current research suggests that teachers take a culturally relevant approach to teaching their students. Gloria Ladson-Billings described three steps towards developing culturally relevant pedagogy as “supporting students in maintaining their community and heritage ways with language and other cultural practices in the process of gaining access to the dominant ones” (Paris, 2012, p. 94). While there are many suggestions for how to provide culturally relevant instruction in the classroom, the question arises: How do we best prepare pre-service teachers in Bilingual Bicultural education programs to address the needs of their future emergent bi/multilingual students in science content areas? In this paper, I discuss previous research on culturally relevant practices within the science classroom and provide examples from the field. Based on the science teacher-education sequence at Texas State University, I then offer concrete examples of how to augment or enrich current courses and better prepare our future teachers for their future culturally and linguistically diverse classrooms.



bilingual, emergent bi/multilingual, science, pre-service teachers, culturally relevant, Honors College


Wakefield, A. H. (2021). Creando maestros científicos: Preparing pre-service teachers to teach emergent bi/multilingual students science (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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