Selling Seamlessly to Each Social Style




Barry, Kiley Dawn

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This dissertation explores how to identify, understand, and ultimately sell to the four personality types categorized by the ever-popular Merrill-Reid method. How can you identify the personality type of a buyer, and effectively alter your personality type in a selling role to become more appealing? Assessment of many academic journals along with the research of Merrill & Reid, Personal Styles and Effective Performance serves as a basis for an in-depth understanding of the personality types. Findings indicate that there are many ways to identify each personality type, and that we can alter our styles temporarily for the sake of dealing more effectively. In determining your buyer’s personality type you can better meet their desires helping you answer some of their concerns before they make even make them known to you, and more importantly you can potentially avoid their pain points and dislikes. Further dividing the personality types using secondary styles may give a stronger understanding of how individuals think and stronger approaches to communication.



social styles, driver, expressive, amiable, analytics, sales, Honors College


Barry, K. D. (2017). Selling seamlessly to each social style (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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