Straightforward Electrical Measurement of Forward-voltage to Investigate Thermal Effects in InGaN/GaN High-brightness Light-emitting Diodes




Hancock, Bobby L.
Holtz, Mark

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American Vacuum Society


The junction temperature of InGaN/GaN MQW high-brightness light-emitting diodes is measured using an electrical method based on the dependence of diode forward voltage, Vƒ, on the junction temperature Tj. Electroluminescence (EL) data collected during this measurement are presented and used to compare the efficacy of this method for measuring Tj to the electrical technique. In devices based on polar III-nitride materials, the temperature dependence of the EL peak energy is obscured by carrier screening and bandfilling; the contributions of these effects are explored and presented. Additionally, the experimental method presented offers an application for extrapolating a thermal relaxation time during the junction temperature measurement. The results from this thermal time constant study are presented and discussed.



electroluminescence, electric measurements, semiconductors, nitrides, voltmeter, thermal conductivity, Physics


Hancock, B. L. & Holtz, M. (2014). Straightforward electrical measurement of forward-voltage to investigate thermal effects in InGaN/GaN high-brightness light-emitting diodes. Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology. 32(6).


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