Museums as Artifacts: How Architecture and History Influence Museums and the Visitor Experience

Magera, Amanda Marie
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The Built Environment of a museum provides a backdrop for every activity undertaken in a museum. It can complement, distract from, or remain invisible besides the collections the museum contains, but always has an effect on the visitors who come to view those collections. This Thesis will explore the Built Environment of the museum, particularly its effect on museum visitors, through a survey of its historical use and its use today through the case studies of six museums in Central Texas.
built environment, museums-history, museums-architecture, San Antonio Museum of Art, McNay Museum of Art, The Alamo, The Blanton Museum, The George Washington Carver Museum, The National Museum of the Pacific War, Honors College
Magera, A. M. (2013). Museums as artifacts: How architecture and history influence museums and the visitor experience (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University-San Marcos, San Marcos, Texas.