Color and Consciousness: Research and Painted Process of Inundate, Intumesce, Hermetic, and Luminiferous




Sult, Shelby

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Throughout my undergraduate career, I have grappled with understanding my own disjointed internal experience and conveying it through my paintings. I braided together the different elements of water, fabric, color, and life to visually communicate the ineffable. Color and self-consciousness, and the link between the two, are major concepts behind my work. I focus on color, a visual phenomenon, and self-consciousness, a metaphysical phenomenon, because both share a varied and indefinable nature, and everyone experiences the two differently. Through research, I found that both color and self-consciousness are co-dependent with language, and that an expanded vocabulary enhances our perception of the two phenomena. With Inundate, Intumesce, Hermetic, and Luminiferous, I aimed to supplant written language with visual language in this co-dependent relationship by creating hyper-saturated, figurative paintings that allow for the viewer to expand their self-consciousness alongside their understanding of color. In this project, I organize both my research on color and self-consciousness and my painted process to supplement the overall goal of communicating my inner experience.



painting, color, self-consciousness, realism, Honors College


Sult, S. (2020). Color and consciousness: Research and painted process of inundate, intumesce, hermetic, and luminiferous (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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