Creating Research Data Management Plans Using DMPTool




Zhou, Xuan

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Most funding agencies or other research supporters require a data management plan. The idea being that if they fund your research, the data resulting from that research must be Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Re-usable. Having a plan in place for storing, describing, and managing your data is important in every research project and especially when working with a team so that everyone is aligned on file formats, naming, storage, and sharing. In this webinar, you’ll be able to understand the basic principles of research data management, be aware of data management planning tools, support and guidance which are available to academic researchers, and be able to use DMPTool to develop a data management plan, and maintain it through the course of your research. This workshop is helpful for researchers in any discipline and stage in their career. Attendees currently planning or conducting research will benefit most from this workshop.



data management, data management plan, research life cycle, open access, research, data sharing


Zhou, X. (2023). Creating research data management plans using DMPTool. Texas State University Libraries, San Marcos, Texas.


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