Escaping the Chicano Patriarchy: Chicana and Queer Chican@ Identity Struggles in the Chican@ Novel and in America




Vigil, Joseph J.

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While efforts have been made to include Chican@ literature into the North American canon, works by Chicanas and queer Chican@s remain underrepresented. Meanwhile, Chicanas and queer Chican@s themselves still face racial, gender-based, and sexual oppression from dominant, hegemonic American social forces and from some heterosexist male members of their own ethnic group. This thesis is an exploration of how Chicana and queer Chican@ authors present within their novels their struggles to form and assert autonomous identities. It also serves as a discussion of how these ethnic subgroups have historically faced such identity formation obstacles. This examination leads to a suggested pedagogy that will engage and promote the academic success of such oppressed individuals, thus ensuring their representation in the educational field and aiding in their identity formations despite the limiting cultural expectations that they constantly face



Chicano literature, Queer literature, Chicana literature, Heterosexism, Gender, Identity formation, Patriarchy


Vigil, J. J. (2013). Escaping the Chicano patriarchy: Chicana and queer Chican@ identity struggles in the Chican@ novel and in America (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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