Marketing Challenges for Cybersecurity Services




Rodriguez, Arielle

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Modern businesses depend on computer systems for mission-critical functions. However, hesitancy to increase cybersecurity services to meet company safety needs has been a longstanding challenge in the tech world. Corporate information dependence has switched from file cabinets to notebook-sized laptops that hold vital, private company information. Throughout the evolution of technology in the workplace, cybersecurity services have emerged to create a more productive and safer environment for our customers. These services are technical aspects of software and the human representatives that contribute to protecting private information and critical systems from digital attacks. This study seeks to provide cybersecurity education and present a creative solution that has the potential to revolutionize cyber-solutions and threat perception for customers. Organizations suffer greatly from cyber threats due to a lack of threat knowledge and productivity in the face of a virtual work environment. My research methodology consists of two major research strategies: 1) secondary research from published institutional reports and credible businesses, and 2) first-hand interviews with business experts in cybersecurity and sales management. A few security safety solutions are presented to the security sales industry to further improve risk mitigation among businesses. This research seeks to raise awareness of the hidden costs and damaging effects that cyber threats have on businesses nationwide and educate customers on the risks when you entrust a company with your private information.



cybersecurity, Honors College


Rodriguez, A. (2022). Marketing challenges for cybersecurity services (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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