Preschool Teacher-Child Relationships




Blunk, Elizabeth

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The project, Preschool Teacher-Child Relationships, is intended to determine the influence of teachers’ interpersonal relationship and on interactions with preschool children in their care. This project has received an extension through August, but preliminary progress will be reported. To date, we have collected complete data on 28 teachers in childcare programs. We have conducted Adult Attachment Interviews that yield an interpersonal relationship template; the Student-Teacher Relationship Scale that assesses teachers perceptions of how conflictual, close, or overly dependent their relationships are with individual children; and conducted classroom observations utilizing the Caregiver Interaction Scale to determine positive interactions, punitiveness, permissiveness, and detachment. Transcriptions of the AAI have been completed on 23 subjects and 10 subjects have been coded to determine teacher attachment status by a certified AAI analyst. Data on all other measures have been entered and will be analyzed using SPSS once 30 subjects are interviewed, observed and all AAI are complete. We have received permission from the Texas State Child Development Center to interview two teachers to complete our data set.


Research Enhancement Program Final Report


preschool teachers, teacher-child relationships, teachers interpersonal relationship


Blunk, E. (2006). <i>Preschool teacher-child relationships</i>. Research Enhancement Program, Texas State University, San Marcos, TX.


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