Determination of the Depletion Layer Width and Effects on the Formation of Double-2DEG in AlGaAs/GaAs Heterostructures




Cortes-Mestizo, Irving E.
Espinosa-Vega, Leticia I.
Espinoza-Figueroa, Jose Angel
Cisneros-de-la-Rosa, Alejandro
Eugenio-Lopez, Eric
Briones, Edgar
Briones, Joel
Zamora-Peredo, Luis
Droopad, Ravi
Yee-Rendon, Cristo

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American Vacuum Society


In this work, the influence of the surface depletion layer on the formation of a two-dimensional electron gas in AlGaAs/GaAs modulated doped heterostructures is studied. The authors explore a method for estimating the depletion region inside of the GaAs-based heterostructures by using the longitudinal optical and L- amplitude modes observed in Raman spectra, which are supported by the modeling results. The authors found that the position of the topmost doping layer changes the electron distribution in the heterostructure and decreases the influence of the depletion layer. Similar effects are perceived when an optimized solution of (NH4)2SX and isopropanol is employed. The authors present a method to evaluate the formation of a double two-dimensional electron gas in a heterostructure by the adequate use of modulation line in the photoreflectance spectroscopy.



double-2DEG, AIGaAs/GaAs heterostructures, surface depletion layer, Ingram School of Engineering


Cortes-Mestizo, I. E., Espinosa-Vega, L. I., Espinoza-Figueroa, J. A., Cisneros-de-la-Rosa, A., Eugenio-Lopez, E., Mendez-Garcia, V. H., Briones, E., Briones, J., Zamora-Peredo, L., Droopad, R., & Yee-Rendon, C. (2016). Determination of the depletion layer width and effects on the formation of double-2DEG in AlGaAs/GaAs heterostructures. Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology B, 34(2).


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