Residential Satisfaction with Home Location: Examination of the Relationship Between Location-Embedded Benefits and Risk Perception




He, Xueqin

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<p>Residents' satisfaction with their home location is believed to be directly related to the length of time when one lives in the place, to one's familiarity with the surrounding environment, and to one's willingness to invest in improving the environment. This study examines floodplain residents' satisfaction of their home location at respects of both location-based benefits and location-embedded risks. More specifically, it attempts to discern floodplain residents' attitudes toward their home locations, to determine factors that contribute to their residential satisfaction, to identify residents' behavioral adjustment to perceived dissatisfactions with their residential environments, to understand their preferences for location-related features, to gauge their awareness of location-related risks, and to assess the impact of awareness on residential environment choice.</p> <p>The first-hand data were collected by a survey questionnaire partly through direct talks between surveyor and residents. The contents of the questionnaire cover residents' attitudes toward their home location, factors contributing to residents' satisfaction or dissatisfaction to their home location, and their awareness of flood risk and water-related natural amenities. The findings of this research can help to improve understanding of floodplain residents' attitudes toward their home locations, to develop more effective programs to manage the development in floodplains, and to provide needed information to improve floodplain residents' understanding of the hazardousness of their locations. In addition, it also contributes to behavioral studies in disaster by providing empirical linkages between behavior and choice.</p>



Floodplain, Residential satisfaction, Home location, Hazards, Natural amenities, Texas


He, X. (2009). <i>Residential satisfaction with home location: Examination of the relationship between location-embedded benefits and risk perception</i> (Unpublished dissertation). Texas State University-San Marcos, San Marcos, Texas.


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