Synthesis, Characterization, and Investigation of a Conformationally Immobile Calix[6]arene as a Negative Electron Beam Resist




Monreal, Gabriel H.
Staggs, Sara J.
Blanda, Michael T.
Geerts, Wilhelmus J.
Galloway, Heather
Spencer, Gregory F.

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American Institute of Physics


Calixarenes of a variety of molecular weights and with several different functional attachments have been studied as high resolution, high contrast negative electron beam resists. In this article, results are presented for a new type of calixarene molecule to be used as an electron beam resist. The molecule differs from previous calixarene resists through the use of bridging groups to limit its conformational mobility and by having only a partial functionalization of the available phenol units with allyl groups to enhance the resist sensitivity. Both the sensitivity and contrast of the calixarene were measured. The measured contrast was found to be 4, while the sensitivity was 3.6 mC/cm2 which is comparable to other fully functionalized calix[6]arene resists. A closer comparison of this calixarene with similar calixarenes indicates that the measured sensitivity is better than would be expected for this partially functionalized molecule and that full functionalization might not be necessary to obtain a significant benefit from the functional groups.



synthesis, characterization, investigation, calixarenes, molecular weight, electron beam resists, Physics


Monreal, G. H., Staggs, S. J., Blanda, M. T., Geerts, W. J., Galloway, H., & Spencer, G. F. (2005). Synthesis, characterization, and investigation of a conformationally immobile Calix[6]arene as a negative electron beam resist. Journal of Vacuum. Science and Technology B, 23(5), pp. 1998-2002.


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