Chopped and Screwed: The Impact of DJ Screw




Vargas, Samantha G.

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Chopped and Screwed is style of music producing created by Robert Earl Davis Jr., known as “DJ Screw”, that refers to taking a track and altering it to produce a new sound that is slowed down, warped and/or played back again. This style would give birth to the unique sound of southern rap music in the early nineties showcased by many different artists. This article compares and analyzes the sound of nineties rap music rooted from Houston, Texas and explores how those elements are incorporated in the present rap scene. Ultimately, this article suggests that the impact of DJ Screw has diverged to influence modern artists and created a style of music producing that would be heard by the world known as chopped and screwed. Accompanying file (Multimedia.pdf) Virtual Gallery.



Houston, DJ Screw, rap, Honors College


Vargas, S. (2021). Chopped and screwed: The impact of DJ Screw (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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