Uncovering the Nexus Between Scientific Discourse and School Geography in Singapore Students' Understanding of Climate Change




Chang, Chew-Hung
Pascua, Liberty

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The Grosvenor Center for Geographic Education


This paper describes a baseline empirical study of Singapore secondary students' understanding of climate change. It reports that despite evidence of significant awareness on the topic, what learner's think they know does not match up with what they really know. Like other students around the world, their understanding of the phenomenon is not deep enough for accurate definition, explanation and linking of critical concepts together coherently and correctly. The paper critically examines how the introduction of a new national syllabus in geography in Singapore at grade 9 level considers current developments in scientific discourse and affords the opportunity to help students develop values, knowledge, and skills to engage the climate change topic. The study argues for geographic education to be responsive in addressing gaps identified through updating the curriculum with current scientific discourse and by providing skills for students to engage a growing volume of information on climate change from various media.



geography, climate change, climate change education, school geography, misconceptions


Chang, C.H. & Pascua, L. (2014). Uncovering the nexus between scientific discourse and school geography in Singapore students' understanding of climate change. Research in Geographic Education, 16(1), pp. 41-56.


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