Vegetation Survey of the Yegua Knobbs Preserve, Bastrop and Lee Counties, Texas




Digges, Diana

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The Yegua Knobbs Preserve (YKP) is a private, nearly rectangular 122-hectare tract that sits on the Bastrop and Lee County lines in the Oak Woods and Prairies natural region of east-central Texas. This region is considered an ecotone where communities from the bordering natural regions, the Pineywoods to the east and the Blackland Prairies to the west, merge. A species inventory was done to identify the vascular plants present at the preserve for a growing season. Woody vegetation was sampled using the line intercept method, and herbaceous components were sampled using the quadrat method. Analysis of the qualitative and quantitative data led to the recognition of six plant communities at YKP, four dominated by woody vegetation and two by herbaceous vegetation. The rare presence of exotic species on the preserve was noted. These communities were referred to others previously discussed for the Oak Woods and Prairies, Pineywoods and Blackland Prairies natural regions.



Plant ecology, Plant communities


Digges, D. K. (2019). <i>Vegetation survey of the Yegua Knobbs Preserve, Bastrop and Lee Counties, Texas</i> (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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