Creating a Developmental Education Curriculum for Student Success with Diverse Cultures




Guest, Jayson
Mumu, Maisha Farzana

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A sense of belonging and community support is extremely important to college student success. Both engender the kind of systems thinking students need to excel in the university. This is especially true for developmental education students who must take a non-credit bearing class, or classes, in addition to the standard requirements for their degree. These classes provide obstacles to student motivation in the way they impose an added financial burden and also come with the stigma of remediation. One of the most effective ways to foster a sense of belonging and offer community support is through a practice of culturally sensitive pedagogy. This project looks to answer the question “How does an instructor create a welcoming and equitable developmental education curriculum for students of diverse cultures, and to what extent are Texas State University developmental education instructors implementing those measures?” By combining a literary analysis and qualitative data from learning environment observations of Texas State University developmental education reading classes, an evaluation of useful practices for student success is offered in our results.



developmental education, higher education, student success, belonging


Guest, J., & Mumu, M. F. (2023). Creating a developmental education curriculum for student success with diverse cultures. Poster presented at the Graduate Student Research Conference, San Marcos, Texas.


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