Pedernales River 2017 Storm Water Sampling




Wierman, Douglas A.
Moreno, Jaime
Jones, Michael

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In conjunction with the project “How Much Water is in the Hill Country”, a preliminary sampling program was conducted during a major storm event on August 7th, 2017. Storm water samples were collected at three locations in the main channel of the Pedernales River and one location on Barons Creek to determine if excessive amounts of nutrients and solids were entering the river system. Storm water samples were compared to water quality during base flow conditions. Major findings indicate there were large increases in nutrient and sediment loading in the river during the storm event. The areas in and upstream of the City of Fredericksburg appeared to contribute the highest concentrations of nutrients and suspended solids during the early parts of the event. Elevated concentrations were measured downstream as the storm surge proceeded towards Johnson City. A more robust sampling program is needed to further delineate storm water runoff quality and identify specific areas where best management practices (BMPs) could be implemented to minimize nutrient and solids loading to the river and ultimately Lake Travis. Potential BMPs identified in the report “How Much Water is in the Pedernales, Conservation Strategies, Management Approaches and Action Plan” (Wierman, et al, 2015) should be considered.



Pedernales River, storm water, water quality, water runoff


Wierman, D. A., Moreno, J., & Jones, M. (2018). Pedernales River 2017 storm water sampling (Report No. 2018-06). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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