The Assistive Research and Ideation Engine: The Application of Effective Communication Design to Enhance the Process of Online Research




Sanders, Charles P.

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This Thesis focuses on the conception and wireframing of an Assistive Research and Ideation Engine (ARIE). The ARIE is an online platform that will facilitate a more effective research process by enhancing the ability of the individual to seek, collect, and evaluate information in an effort to resolve inquiry and develop ideas. Expanding the traditional perception of research beyond industry and academic function allows for a broad demographic to conduct research. The use of the Internet as a source of inspiration and knowledge has been widely implemented in many online applications, however no existing online platform holistically supports the act of research and development of ideas—as defined in this paper. Search engines, like Google, are the current standard in conducting research online. However, the Google search engine has also been shown to over-filter query results, narrowing the exposure to content (Pariser, 2011). While the combined use of separate online search engines, note-taking, and storage platforms provide support in seeking, collecting, and evaluating online content, these platforms are not specifically designed to facilitate the research process. Moreover, performing persistent and targeted online research via a search engine poses many challenges. By designing a new online platform that manages and facilitates research functions, the individual can increase gained knowledge, Ideation effectiveness, and inquiry conclusions. A representative wireframe of an interface design will illustrate the potential viability of the ARIE.



Communication design, Research, Creativity, Search engine, Web, Interface


Sanders, C. P. (2013). The assistive research and ideation engine: The application of effective communication design to enhance the process of online research (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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