By Tweet and By Speech: An Examination of Values in Donald Trump's Metaphor




Garcia, Samantha

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This Honor’s thesis examines Donald Trump’s use of metaphor and explores how he expresses his values through those metaphors. By examining examples of Trump’s political remarks, I reveal the central metaphor by which Trump operates and consider how American citizens may reestablish their political power by understanding Trump’s metaphors. The time period studied includes the start of Trump’s 2016 Presidential campaign up until the present. First, I discuss the central metaphor Trump uses in his remarks. Then, I classify Trump’s public speeches and tweets into separate categories, which include the ways in which his speech has affected public reaction. In these categories, I apply George Lakoff and Mark Johnson’s philosophy of language to Trump’s remarks, and I reveal the values expressed in Trump’s metaphors. After this, and I develop an appeal and course of action that American citizens who are opposed to Trump’s presidency must make in order to expose Trump’s non-egalitarian values. My findings will illuminate the power that metaphors have in contemporary American society and the impact they have made subsequent to the 2016 Presidential Election.



Trump, metaphor, values, absolutist, philosophy, Lakoff, Honors College


Garcia, S. (2017). By tweet and by speech: An examination of values in Donald Trump's metaphor (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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