Development of a Geographic Information System as an Analysis Tool for Management of Black-capped Vireo on the Kerr Wildlife Management Area, Kerr County, Texas




Coats, Christine A.

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The Black-capped Vireo GIS Database for the Kerr Wildlife Management Area, Kerr County, Texas, was developed as an analysis tool for assisting the wildlife manager in making sound management decisions for the management of the endangered Blackcapped Vireo (Vireo atricapillus). The Black-capped Vireo GIS incorporates Blackcapped Vireo surveys, breeding bird surveys, black and white aerial photographs, digital orthophoto color infrared aerial photography, vegetation, topography, soils, incidence of parasitism, prescribed burning and wildfire, water sources, roads, and pastures on the Kerr Wildlife Management Area. The Black-capped Vireo GIS will enable analysts to answer management questions about the Black-capped Vireo and monitor change over time in population, distribution, and vegetational structure. The development of a data dictionary, metadata standards, and the relational database provides a model for the use of GIS in wildlife management and provides standardization and coding specific to the study of the Black-capped Vireo.



geographic information systems, wildlife management, black-capped vireo, habitat, ecology, Kerr County


Coats, C. A. (1997). Development of a geographic information system as an analysis tool for management of black-capped vireo on the Kerr Wildlife Management Area, Kerr County, Texas (Unpublished thesis). Southwest Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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