Coming up with New Ideas by Talking to Others: Linking Work Relationships to Caring Communication




Reed, Catherine

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This study used Social Information Processing (SIP) to develop a model of predictors related to the perceived acceptance of new ideas (PANI). We specifically focus on the role of supportive communication within three types of work relationships-coworkers, supervisors, and others outside the organization. Forty-eight questionnaires were obtained from two organizations. The findings suggest that the only work relationship that has a significant impact on PANI, is that with others outside the organization. Controlling for an individual's desire to innovate, the social support received from others outside the organization accounted for an additional 33% of the variance. The overall model explained slightly over half (54%) of how people perceive the acceptance of their new ideas. We link these findings to the boundary spanning literature, suggest future research directions, and discuss limitations of the study.



boundary, spanning, social support, organizational communication, communication competence, innovation, Honors College


Reed, C. (2006). Coming up with new ideas by talking to others: Linking work relationships to caring communication (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University-San Marcos, San Marcos, Texas.


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