Reducing Suicide and Enhancing Mental Health Engagement in Adult Men: A Systematic Review of the Literature [paper]




Reyes-Lester, Monique

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Men's suicide rates are disproportionate compared to women, with rates nearly four times higher than women's. Despite the high prevalence of suicide rates, men underutilize mental health services. Understanding interventions that enhance men’s mental health engagement is crucial. This systematic review, guided by the Theory of Planned Behavior (TPB), assessed interventions promoting men’s mental health-seeking behavior, thus reducing suicide rates. Searches conducted in CINAHL, PubMed, and PsycINFO identified seven studies from 2018-2023 that met inclusion criteria. Peer-reviewed, quantitative, and qualitative studies focusing on adult men and mental health interventions were included. Gender-sensitive approaches and peer support emerged as key themes. Tailoring interventions to men’s preferences reduced stigma and facilitated help-seeking. Peer support fostered community, encouraging open dialogue among men, and reduced feelings of isolation. Global outreach and online services were effective, especially in regions with limited access to traditional mental health services. Gender-sensitive, peer-supported interventions, aligning with TPB principles, significantly impact men’s mental health engagement. Recommendations include incorporating peer support and tailoring interventions to men’s preferences. Small sample sizes, limited randomized controlled trials, and variations in outcome measures constitute study limitations. This review offers valuable insights into evidence-based practices and policies targeting men’s mental health. Addressing stigma, promoting help-seeking, and leveraging online resources can contribute to a cultural shift, creating environments where men actively seek mental health support, ultimately reducing suicide rates. Further research and high-quality studies are essential for refining interventions and improving outcomes in this population.



men, mental health, interventions, suicide, engagement


Reyes-Lester, M. (2023). Reducing suicide and enhancing mental health engagement in adult men: A systematic review of the literature [paper]. St. David's School of Nursing, Texas State University.


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