Beyond the Tracks: A History of Cheatham Street Warehouse




Wallace, Christian Hamilton

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Since opening its doors as a music venue in 1974, Cheatham Street Warehouse has been an important facet in the development of Texas songwriters and country music. Although Cheatham Street was opened with the tradition of historical Texas dancehalls and honky-tonks in mind, the tin warehouse has created its own unique niche in the history of legendary music venues. The special place that Cheatham Street holds can be largely accredited to the performers who have used it as a launching pad for their early careers and, even more so, to the man who runs and owns the place, Kent Finlay. Their personal stories about memorable nights under the neon lights are sure to capture the distinct atmosphere of the venue and serve as a written testament to the role that Cheatham Street Warehouse has played in preserving and promoting Texas music for the past three decades.



music, Texas, Cheatham Street Warehouse, Rogers, Randy, Strait, George, Finlay, Kent, San Marcos, country, Honors College


Wallace, C. H. (2010). Beyond the tracks: A history of Cheatham Street Warehouse (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University-San Marcos, San Marcos, Texas.


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