The Isolation and Characterization of Nannobacteria




Knowles, Heidi C.

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With improvements in technology in recent years, new realms of images are being discovered by high power microscopy. One such discovery has been of very small structures resembling bacteria, only much smaller, at approximately 1/1000th the volume. These structures have been noted in many images of waters and minerals from places such as hot springs, rivers and even a Martian meteorite. They have been named ''Nannobacteria" and hypothesized to play a role in the formation of minerals such as calcite and aragonite. This research attempts to investigate whether or not these structures are in fact biological. Attempts to culture nannobacteria on TSA, R2A, SDA, DMEM and RPMI in environments of 25°C, 37°C, 37°C with CO<sub>2</sub>, and 45°C, have been made. Experiments to rule out the possibility that they are biological artifacts, such as bacterial fragments have also been performed.



microorganisms, bacteria, geomicrobiology, nannobacteria


Knowles, H. C. (1998). The isolation and characterization of nannobacteria (Unpublished thesis). Southwest Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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