Esta es Nuestra Historia: An Intergenerational Study with Three Latin@ Educators




Cantu, Yvette

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This study explores the concept of critical ontology and how it informs the being, work, and advocacy of three Latin@ educators in the San Marcos community who span three generations. Two Latin@ educators and myself, are the primary unit of analysis although, secondary and tertiary units of analysis which include citizens’ stories of schooling and community are presented. This qualitative inquiry employs critical microethnography and autoethnography. Social cartography is the genre used to present our findings, which culminate in a museum titled San Marcos Desde Adentro; it presents a map of our lives at the micro and macro context. The findings reveal the development of critical ontology as a fluid process that has been marked by the awakening of our critical consciousness. The development of our critical ontology has an impact on our identity, our work in schools, and our role as activists in the community; it serves as a moral compass guiding our work ethic, agenda, and advocacy. This study informs us that understanding the role of critical ontology for Latin@ educators working in traditional white stream institutions becomes a tool for resistance contributing to the participants’ identity formation and critical awareness. Implications of this study inform us on the importance of Latin@s educators’ understanding of the self and the impact education has on community change. Additional implications for education and community development include the historical stories of the district and community which can be utilized to inform future Latin@ educators and school leaders.



Critical ontology, Latin@ educators, LatCrit, Microethnography, Pláticas, Social cartography, Activism, Autoethnography


Cantu, Y. (2016). <i>Esta es nuestra historia: An intergenerational study with three Latin@ educators</i> (Unpublished dissertation). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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