Bringing Linked Data into Libraries via Wikidata: PCC Wikidata Pilot Project at Texas State University




Aycock, Mary
Critchley, Nicole
Scott, Amanda

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The promise of linked data to free library data from closed silos and promote more open scholarship possibilities through better global access has generated excitement over the past decade but proven elusive for libraries to implement. This impasse may be changing as “Linked open data technologies are reaching a very promising point” (CNI Program Plan, 2019-2020) and new possibilities are now realizable on pragmatic implementation levels. Wikidata offers a low barrier gateway for GLAM institutions and academic research libraries to easily contribute to this linked data platform. As part of the Program for Cooperative Cataloging Wikidata pilot, Texas State University Libraries has embarked on new linked data projects: authority work for faculty, an oral history project, and linked data for special collections archives. This presentation will outline methodologies and discuss new opportunities and obstacles presented by these projects, as well as how Wikidata can promote identity management, digital scholarship, and historical research on wider global online levels.



linked data, wikidata, metadata, authority records


Aycock, M., Critchley, N., & Scott, A. (2021). Bringing linked data into libraries via Wikidata: PCC Wikidata Pilot Project @ Texas State University. Presented at the CNI Fall Membership Meeting, Washington, D.C.


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