Attitudes Towards Body Size and Physical Appearance among Colombian and American College Students: A Multi-Cultural Study




Rojas Segura, Natalia

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The current study analyzed attitudes towards size and physical appearance among four hundred and seventy Colombian and two hundred and ten American college students. The effects of gender and culture (and their interaction) on thin ideal internalization, sociocultural pressure to be thin, and body image dissatisfaction were examined in the sample. Results from the study showed that there are differences between gender and country: Colombian students perceived themselves as having a better body image overall compared to American students; females from both countries had a lower body image satisfaction compared to males. Surprisingly, males from both countries worry about their physical size and appearance. Implications for future research include validating instruments especially for a Colombian population, as well as continuing to include males in studies related to body image and eating disorders because it was found that they were also unsatisfied with their overall body image.



United States, Colombia, college students, identity, body image, cross-cultural studies


Rojas Segura, N. (2009). Attitudes towards body size and physical appearance among Colombian and American college students: A multi-cultural study (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University-San Marcos, San Marcos, Texas.


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