Using the Language: A Proposed Project-Based Learning Curriculum for Secondary- and University-level Language Acquisition Classrooms




Gruber, Trey

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This project focuses on how to better teach language acquisition in a classroom setting so students will feel more comfortable speaking and using the target language through Project-Based Learning (PBL). In analyzing PBL through a student-focused lens that provides choice in instruction, this project tries to make connections between the benefits of PBL and those of alternative forms of education such as Montessori and Summerhill schools that provide a hands-off and student-centered approach to learning which allows students more freedom and independence in their education. In addition to background information on PBL and connections to other forms of education, this project also considers the benefits and methods of implementing PBL. Finally, this project analyzes the implementation of PBL in a language acquisition classroom and how the completion of projects aligns with the communication standards of language teaching to get students using the language comfortably from the beginning stages of instruction, while providing readers and educators with unit plans and project ideas to implement PBL into their own high school- and university-level foreign language classrooms.



language acquisition, project-based learning, PBL, montessori education, Summerhill school, student-centered learning, Honors College


Gruber, T. (2023). Using the language: A proposed project-based learning curriculum for secondary- and university-level language acquisition classrooms. Honors College, Texas State University.


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