LinkedIn or LinkedOut: How Building Social Media Influence Amplifies the Savvy Recruiter




Velazquez, Kenna Marie

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Beginning the early 2000’s, LinkedIn has transitioned from a social media website where users can build their professional network to a tool that can bring both the unemployed and the employer closer to their professional goals. This thesis focuses on the professional goal of a recruiter: to find and attract quality candidates to work for his or her company. As the recruitment world expands into targeting candidates who are not actively job searching, also known as “passive candidates”, this thesis suggests a new strategy to the savvy and forward-thinking recruiter. Based off research of social media use, the LinkedIn platform, consumer psychology, marketing strategy, and social media influencers’ practices, this thesis argues that recruiters will benefit from adopting the online principles of a social media influencer. Two requirements of being a social media influencer are building credibility and having a niche audience. If a recruiter puts forth effort towards being a social media influencer through meeting these requirements on LinkedIn, practicing strategic posting tactics, and hosting attractive profile characteristics, they are setting themselves up for: more candidates seeing their job postings, better branding of their company, and bigger strides made towards their overall professional goal. This research acknowledges limitations and suggests further research documents the outcomes of recruiters that follow these guidelines.



LinkedIn, social media, recruiting, influencers, marketing, branding, viral, recruiters, Honors College


Velazquez, K. M. (2019). LinkedIn or LinkedOut: How building social media influence amplifies the savvy recruiter (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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