Teacher and Pre-Service Teacher Perceptions of Social Studies Content Standards




Hoffmans, Caylie LaRae

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In this mixed-methods study, I investigated how teachers and pre-service teachers perceive social studies content standards. My study focused on three main areas: (a) classroom implementation of content standards, (b) educators' familiarity with standards, and (c) curricular support for implementation of the standards. I selected participants based on their status as a (a) Texas social studies teacher who is a member of a social studies database maintained by Texas regional education service centers or (b) pre-service teacher enrolled in a graduate-level social studies methods course. Additionally, a purposeful selection of participants took part in an authentic museum trunk training allowing me to observe and evaluate their abilities to apply social studies standards to curriculum planning. I invited these participants to participate in an online focus group following the training. I offer a descriptive picture of social studies teachers' perceptions of state standards, as well as illuminate potential differences between pre-service and in-service social studies teachers preparedness to implement the new state and established national standards.



Social studies, Teacher perceptions, Content standards


Hoffmans, C. L. (2012). Teacher and pre-service teacher perceptions of social studies content standards (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University-San Marcos, San Marcos, Texas.


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