Eddie Stout, Dialtone Records, and the Making of a Blues Scene in Austin




Pedro, Josep

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The Center for Texas Music History


Austin, Texas, native Eddie Stout's dedication to the preservation and celebration of the blues over the past four decades has earned him tremendous respect and admiration within the local blues community. A performing bass player since 1972, Stout has been active in the global expansion of blues. He also has been a prolific producer of African-American roots music, including blues, gospel, and jazz, with the creation of labels such as Pee Wee Records (1984), Dialtone Records (1999), and Dynaflow Records (2014), Stout has served as an international representative, distributor, and publisher for several companies, such as Justice Records, Independent Artists, Doolittle, New West, Antone's Records, and Malaco Records. Because of his broad knowledge and experience in the field of blues, he is frequently invited to serve as a panelist and label representative at music conventions throughout the world, as well as a producer and director of forty episodes of the popular television show Songwriters across Texas (2012-2013).



Blues, Gospel, Jazz, Pee Wee Records, Dialtone Records, Dynaflow Records, Austin, Stout, Eddie



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