Blazing the Trails: The Personal Branding of Lucille Ball




Straka, Sarah

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The extraordinary Lucille Ball was the most loved and iconic television comedian of her time. She was an American icon and the first lady of television during the 1950s. Not only did Lucille Ball provide laughter to millions of people, but Lucille Ball gave women a voice and America heard what she had to say. She showed women they can be accepted, and be in a position both on television and in the working world where they can be strong and independent. She was a leader and set an example for women and showed society that women have a voice to be heard and will be successful, when given the opportunity. Lucille Ball managed her career and created her personal brand by beating all obstacles that were laid in front of her and test boundaries, which lead her to become an entrepreneurial success. Lucille Ball blazed the trails for many women, on and off stage. She encouraged women to follow in her shoes by achieving success, overcoming their fears, and crossing boundaries, which in return built up their personal brands allowing them to become successes in the business sector as well as on the stage.



leadership, influence, personal branding, Ball, Lucille, icon, Honors College


Straka, S. L. (2016). Blazing the trails: The personal branding of Lucille Ball (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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