Much Ado About Brexit




Galipp, Sheldon Ray

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This analysis is meant to illustrate the past connections that have culminated in Great Britain’s decisions to leave the European Union (Brexit). Through examinations of both primary and secondary source documents this essay traces the pattern of the British- European connection that has caused turbulence throughout the past two centuries. Starting from the Napoleonic War looking at each subsequent European conflict and continuing on through until the current day. The purpose is to analyze and explain the cultural sentiments, political rhetoric, and a divided social climate that lead to the culminating vote on June 23, 2016, and to expand on where Britain thinks their place is in Europe and on the world stage. This document serves to illustrate a modern historical narrative of a British state separate from Europe and to explain where these sediments can trace their roots to. This is all in attempt to key the readers in to a very important historical narrative that is still currently taking shape. The ramifications of this decision can have drastic and looming consequences that will affect future generations of not only Britons but Europeans.



Churchill, separatism, European Union, nationalism, Pitt, Chamberlain, Thatcher, Blair, Honors College


Galipp, S. R. (2018). Much ado about Brexit (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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