Recovery and Response To Injury: Athlete Coping




Salas, Eric P.

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Athletic injury is a devastating occurrence in any sport. Injured athletes require resources and treatment to return to the field of play. As the length of recovery time increases, there is more involved with the treatment of athletes, both physical and psychological factors. Recent research suggests that there may be personality traits that directly correlate to athletic injury. Utilizing the Andersen and Williams Model (1988), the object of the purposed study is to investigate if there is any correlation between the personality traits, specifically locus of control, hardiness, and competitive trait anxiety, with recovery time. This will determine if there are differences between physical and psychological factors associated with ready to return to play. Participants for the study will be recruited from all scholarship-based sports at Texas State University. The anticipated results will indicate that athletes with a higher internal locus of control will have an increased readiness to return to play over athletes with a high external locus of control.



Athletic injury


Salas, E. P. (2015). Recovery and response to injury: Athlete coping (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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