The Effect of Attitudes and Stigma on the Willingness to Seek Treatment for Mental Problems




Sanders, Brian Z.

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This study examined the attitudes and stigma toward psychotherapy and medication. It was hypothesized that participants would endorse higher levels of stigma towards psychotherapy than medication. Approximately 200 students were surveyed at Texas State University, using an investigator-designed questionnaire intended to assess stigma towards mental health treatment. Paired t-tests were run to compare responses on survey questions that differed only in terms of a focus on medication or psychotherapy. A significantly more negative attitude towards psychotherapy was found in areas of parental use of treatment, and self- attitudes. Attitudes about friends’ use of different treatment forms were found to be non- significant. When an analysis of variance was run for ethnic differences, there was a significant difference in medication-related attitudes between White and Hispanic participants.



stigma, attitudes, treatment, mental health, psychology, Honors College


Sanders, B. Z. (2011). The effect of attitudes and stigma on the willingness to seek treatment for mental problems (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University-San Marcos, San Marcos, Texas.


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