Listening to the Rain: A Fresh Look at the Works of Alan Watts




Loechel, Jessica

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Listening to the Rain provides a glimpse into a creative project conducted by an undergraduate student at Texas State University as part of her senior thesis. This book is one of two platforms through which she documented her research process as she studied philosopher and writer, Alan Watts. This multimedia project is an innovative blend of journalism, blogging, graphic design, and traditional ethnographic research. This thesis utilizes the Portraiture methodology of social science research, which requires the combination of preliminary research, interviews, site visits, and personal narrative to gain a thorough understanding of Alan Watts and his message. Unlike other research methodologies, Portraiture allows for the inclusion of the diverse lived experiences of researchers and the participants of their research. In addition to this printed piece, a digital representation of this project can be viewed online via the following link: There you will find the blog created to store the data and personal reflections collected throughout the research process. This project aims to expand awareness and spark curiosity in regards to Watts’ legacy by revitalizing his work in a manner that is intended to target the millennial generation. This group of young adults is currently making the transition between childhood and adulthood and, for reasons described later in this project, is thus highly susceptible to Watts message. Additionally, the author hopes that the digital documentation of her work will serve as a guide for future Watts’ scholars and thesis students.



Watts, Alan, Allan Watts Mountain Center, beat generation, Krippner, Stanley, Alan Watts-There and Now, California, Honors College


Loechel, J. (2014). Listening to the rain: A fresh look at the works of Alan Watts (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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