Identifying Parents Who Are Amenable to Pro-Vaccination Conversations




Brunson, Emily K.

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While health care providers are often cited as parents' most trusted source for information and advice about vaccination, parents differ in their level of receptiveness to pro-vaccination conversations. The purpose of this research was to identify points in individual parents' decision-making processes when parents are particularly open to receiving information and advice from their children's health care providers. Interview data were collected from 20 mothers and 5 couples. Analysis of these data suggested 3 primary circumstances when parents were particularly open to receiving information and advice: during parents' initial decision-making, as parents continued to assess vaccination options, and during particular circumstances that prompted parents to reconsider previously made vaccination choices. These results provide a mechanism for providers to identify parents who may be particularly receptive to pro-vaccination conversations. By prioritizing conversations with parents at one of these points, health care providers' efforts at promoting vaccination may be more effective.



decision-making, general pediatrics, immunization, vaccination, communication, Anthropology


Brunson, E. K. (2015). Identifying parents who are amenable to pro-vaccination conversations. Global Pediatric Health, 2, pp. 1-7.


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