Financial Literacy Instructors Working in Community-Based Programs: Their Narratives and Efforts Interrupting the Status Quo




Serrano, Arlene F.

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Drawing on a social constructionist-critical approach, the study explored the instructors’ pedagogical strategies or praxis delivering financial literacy instruction while working in community-based programs. The main research question guiding the study was: How do financial literacy instructors working in community-based programs interrupt the status quo? Supporting questions included: What is the journey of the participants becoming financial literacy instructors? How do they envision the teaching of financial literacy? To what extent do their self-reported pedagogical strategies, praxis, follow a social constructionist-critical approach? Data were generated using two interviews, Q Methodology, artifacts, and documents. The study participants were four financial literacy instructors from four community-based programs in Central Texas. Data analysis was informed by a social constructionist critical framework and narrative analysis procedures. Study findings were presented in two chapters, chapter three and four. Chapter three presented the journeys of the four financial literacy instructors; their stories are presented using their own words and are narrated in first person. Chapter four provided an analysis of the participants’ practice in light of the theoretical framework and their efforts creating opportunities for interrupting the status quo. Finally, chapter five highlighted important aspects of the learning that took place as a result of implementing the study. I briefly summarized the pedagogical strategies of the participants. I also discussed the commonalities in their narratives followed by a section that highlighted important themes for the reader. Then, I presented the study tensions and challenges, implications for practitioners, ideas for future research, and concluding thoughts.



Financial literacy, Financial education, Money management, Praxis, Critical pedagogy


Serrano, A. F. (2014). Financial literacy instructors working in community-based programs: Their narratives and efforts interrupting the status quo (Unpublished dissertation). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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