Education in the News Media




Wubbena, Zane C.

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The dissertation examined the relationship between education and the news media. In particular, I examined educational policy and pedagogy in the news media. In this sense, education served as the subject of investigation, and the news media served as the object for analysis. Previous scholars have demonstrated a particular interest in this field of study. In this dissertation, I work to join the conversation of these scholars. This dissertation was designed using an article-based format, which included introductory and concluding chapters that bookend three, self-contained articles suitable for publication in an academic journal. In the introductory chapter, I situated the dissertation within the background and context of neoliberalism, market-oriented educational reforms, and the mediatization of global educational policies. In the first article (Chapter II), I employed a systematic literature review method to examine research on education in the news media from 1996 to 2016. This study unified what has been a fragmented field of study. In the second article (Chapter III), I conducted a media content analysis of U.S. news media framing of the Chilean educational system over a 10-year period. This study empirically refined our understanding of public discourse in the United States of the Chilean market- oriented educational system. In the third article (Chapter IV), I drew on news media images to illustrate what a pedagogy for space looked like during the 2011 Chilean student movement. This study broadened how we conceptualize education beyond the classroom for social transformation. The dissertation ends with a call to establish a research agenda on education in the news media as a distinct field for academic study.



Education in the news media, Educational policy, Educational reform, News media, Framing theory, Visual framing, Market-oriented education, School choice, Neoliberalism, Chile, Pedagogy for space, Pedagogy, Critical geography, Student movements


Wubbena, Z. (2017). <i>Education in the news media</i> (Unpublished dissertation). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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