The Fighting Stallions




Vaverek, Margaret A.
Utley, Dan K.

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Texas State University


Long a symbol of freedom, the ornate statuary group formally called "Fighting Stallions" has served as a dramatic backdrop for countless social rallies, political protests, and anti-war demonstrations since it was installed on the Texas State campus during an era of uncertain peace in the early 1950s. Its history reflects diverse contexts that include foundational education, women artists, philanthropy, city planning, and a family's enduring sense of place. It is the artistic expression of renowned sculptor Anna Vaughn Hyatt Huntington (1876-1973), whose monumental works grace grand cultural landscapes in places such as New York City, Seville, Buenos Aires, Edinburgh, and San Francisco. It also uniquely defines the mission of the artist's public sculpture collection at her Brookgreen Gardens in South Carolina, where the original serves as the entryway centerpiece.



fighting stallions, Texas State University, sculptures, Huntington, Anna Vaughn Hyatt


Vaverek, M. A., & Utley, D. K. (2018). The fighting stallions. Hillviews Magazine, pp. 26-29.


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