Panoramas: An Unconventional View of Landscape and Self-Portraiture




Keeling, Clayton

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My thesis exhibition Panoramas began from a progression of my evolving approaches to making images of the landscape and self-portraiture. These subjects culminate together in representing a view of myself and the world as I experience it and have experienced it for the past several years. More than this, they depict my navigations to this instance and the various moments of departure, or scenes of particular feeling or passion. They also present an obstinate difficulty, that we and the world we preside in are inevitably changing. Unconventionality lies central to this work, applied not only to the craft of image-making and critiquing photography, but to understanding the self as it relates to our world. These questions and explorations remain increasingly relevant in the vast, complex systems images and all representation operates in today. Ultimately Panoramas aim to challenge conventions and provoke the viewer to reflect upon their own story and world history. This series exists as contemplative views that highlight the value of perspective and context, and encourages application of this process to all images outside this work.



panoramas, image-making, art critique, technology, meaning, Honors College


Keeling, C. (2022). Panoramas: An unconventional view of landscape and self-portraiture (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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