Consolidating Python Utilities to Facilitate Root Locus Design




Rangel, Zachary Angel

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The root locus is a powerful utility in control system design. The root locus is an abstraction of a complex system, therefore, plotting it by hand is a mathematically elaborate and tedious process that becomes increasingly tedious for high-performance systems with finely tuned parameters. Python, a high-level interpreted programming language, can function as a utility to assist in the visualization and design of a control system. The root locus correlates the response of a system to its transfer function and its visualization is essential for the characterization and design of a high-performance control system. Python does not currently include a toolbox to plot and explore the root locus of a system. This project provided a simple software solution to explore the root locus in Python by leveraging existing utilities to create a single intuitive interface.



Python, Control systems, Root locus, Engineering, Software, Linear algebra, MATLAB, Graphical user interface, Tkinter


Rangel, Z. A. (2019). Consolidating Python Utilities to Facilitate Root Locus Design (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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