A Moderated Mediated Path Analysis of Factors Influencing Student Performance on a Standardized High-Stakes Science Test




Pelkey, Ramona K.

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Gender, ethnicity, family economic status, reading score, mathematics score, and number of science semesters successfully completed were examined for their contributory role to a student's science score on a high-stakes, high school exit examination. Path analysis and analysis of variance procedures were used to quantify each variable's influence on science score. Gender, ethnicity, and family economic status were found to be moderators while reading proved to mediate within the model. The path model was created using a calibration sample and cross-validated using a hold-out validation sample. Bootstrapping was used to verify the goodness of fit of the model. A predictive equation explained 66% (R2 = .66) of the variance in observed TAKS science score.



high schools, path analysis, educational tests and measurements, study of science, competency-based educational tests


Pelkey, R.K. (2008). A moderated mediated path analysis of factors influencing student performance on a standardized high-stakes science test (Unpublished dissertation). Texas State University-San Marcos, San Marcos, Texas.


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