Getting the Job Done in a Social Media Age: An Analysis of How Youth Culture is Furthering Social Advancements by Breaking Down Racist Misinterpretations of 'Cancel Culture'




Zambrano, Maritza

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Due to the country’s long history of racist narratives from white supremacists, a cultural war has erupted between people of color and their white counterparts. In recent times, this original idea of “cancel culture” was then brought into light through the black community of Twitter through the same notion that people of color were not going to support the spread of harmful ideas to these marginalized groups. However, as more minorities have spoken out and cancelled ideas that have negatively impacted them, white supremacists have created their own version of “cancel culture” by rejecting the original foundation of what cancel culture had first been. With the introduction of social media applications like TikTok and Twitter, a younger generation has stepped up to shed some light into the original concept of cancel culture to help increase efforts for social advancements that white supremacists have tried to break down. It then comes to question whether or not this younger generation is able to effectively diminish this misinterpretation of cancel culture by reshaping the idea of free speech and cancelling racist rhetoric to further constructive dialogue that the first amendment promises to uphold.



cancel culture, social advancements, racism, hegemonic ideology, TikTok, Twitter, free speech, Honors College


Zambrano, M. (2021). Getting the job done in a social media age: An analysis of how youth culture is furthering social advancements by breaking down racist misinterpretations of 'Cancel Culture' (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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