Tenderness, Consistency and Cooking Loss of Beef Loins and Ground Beef from two Different Genetic Types of Cattle




Coombs, Robin G.

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Producing consist quality beef that satisfies the consumers' demand is one of the major challenges in the beef industry. The focus of this study involved two experiments designed to measure two parameters of meat quality, tenderness and cooking loss. Experiment 1 involved dividing loins into 6 (2-2.5 pound) roasts, cooking (smoking), measuring tenderness, and cooking loss by weight. Experiment 2 involved the evaluation of cooking loss and shrinkage in ground beef. Two sources of meat studied were HeartBrand (Akaushi breed), and meat from a commercial grocery store. Each pound package was divided into 1/4 pound (118-120g) patties and grilled on a George Foreman Grill, and drippings were collected. Loin experiment consisted of six HeartBrand loins and one select grade Control loin. No significant differences were found in tenderness, but a significant difference was found in average cooking loss 0.40 lb. ± 0.03 Control:0.56 lb ± 0.03 HeartBrand (p<.05) and tenderness consistency. Ground beef experiment consisted of 20 pounds of commercial grocery store ground beef, and 20 pounds HeartBrand ground beef. Although there was no significant difference in cooking loss 45.44g± 3.74 Control: 44.98g ± 2.68 HeartBrand, there was a significant difference found in cooking shrinkage in both circumference and thickness of the patties. Differences in circumference measurements between fresh and cooked were 4 cm ± 0.59; Control 3.21cm ± 0.47; HeartBrand (p<.05). An additional significant difference was found in patty thickness which measured 0.221 ± 0.19 cm; Control 0.151 cm ± 0.11; HeartBrand (p<.05). Total dripping collection values 62.4g ± 4.66; Control 64.3g ± 5.10; HeartBrand were not significantly different, but when the drippings were separated a significant difference was found in weight of solids 12.3g ± 2.72; Control 18.2g ± 3.11 HeartBrand (p<.05), and in the liquid portion 50g ± 0.61; Control: 46.1g ± 0.32 HeartBrand (p<.05). Both loin and ground beef experiments showed variation in cooking loss, tenderness, and consistency between commercial grocery store and HeartBrand (Akaushi) beef. Quality beef production has made advancements, but continual improvements is needed to satisfy the consumers demand for consistency in both quality and value.



Tenderness, Cooking loss, Beef


Coombs, R. G. (2017). <i>Tenderness, consistency and cooking loss of beef loins and ground beef from two different genetic types of cattle</i> (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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